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Top 10 most viewed runs from season 13

These are the runs what were watched on repeat!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Continuing on with our American Ninja Warrior season 13 retrospective, we’ve gathered the top 10 most popular videos of the year. The list is based on the views gathered from Ninja Warrior’s official YouTube account.

Altogether, the runs are a nice slice of the season if someone wanted to sum things up rather quickly. Although there are some noticeable omissions. The 10 runs come from seven different Ninjas. Daniel Gil, Kaden Lebsack, and Vance Walker all have two videos on the list. Of the 10 videos, six of them are from competitors who are under the age of 18. Isabella Wakeham is the only woman on the list, which makes us think we need to start watching Jesse Labreck’s Stage One run on repeat.

This list is based on the number of Youtube views as of the time of publication. Things can change! The views may be different in the future.

These are the runs fans have watched over and over!

1.) Daniel Gil - Semifinals

2.) Vance Walker - Qualifiers

3.) Kaden Lebsack - Qualifiers

4.) Isaiah Thomas - Qualifiers

5.) Kaden Lebsack - Stage Three of the National Finals

6.) Vance Walker - Stage Three of the National Finals

7. ) Daniel Gil - Qualifiers

8.) Isabella Wakeham - Semfinals

9.) Joe Moravsky - Qualifiers

10.) Donovan Metoyer - Stage One of the National Finals