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Do you want the Safety Pass to return for season 14?

After how it influenced this year’s competition, do you think the Safety Pass should return?

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We love to revisit a controversial subject! This time, we’re looking for your thoughts on a very debatable subject: The Safety Pass.

The Safety Pass was first introduced ahead of season 11, along with the announcement of the Power Tower. It allows a re-run on Stages One or Two of the National Finals should the Safety Pass holder fall or time out.

The reason we like to bring this up again and again is that every season, it affects the outcome in a different way. And that can change people’s thoughts on it. In season 13, four Ninjas held the Safety Pass.

  • Brian Burkhardt: Used on Stage Two
  • Vance Walker: Used on Stage Two
  • Joe Moravsky: Used on Stage One
  • Austin Gray: Not used

While Brian and Joe ultimately ended their seasons on Stage Two, Vance went on to clear that course, making him a Stage Three competitor at just 16-years-old. He put up a very strong fight to Eyeglass Alley and fell there. But the distinct accolade of being a Stage Three competitor would not have happened without the intervention of the Safety Pass.

But the concept of the Safety Pass does go against the “one and done” idea that Ninja Warrior fans are used to seeing. This means some love the Safety Pass, and others don't.

So let’s check in on the current feelings. Do you want to see the Safety Pass return for season 14? Why or why not? Hit up the comment section after you take the poll!


Do you want the Safety Pass to return for season 14?

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