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Stage One’s ‘Split Decisions’

The Fly Hooks seemed safe, but risking The High Road paid off for some.

Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior debuted the new Split Decision. The twist required Ninjas to pick between two obstacles on the course. We thought this would be part of just the Qualifiers and Semifinals. We were surprised and delighted to see it on Stage One of the National Finals.

Split Decision was a little different on Stage One. During the Qualifiers and Semifinals, Ninjas had to pick just one of the obstacles. They couldn’t start one, change their mind, and then start the other. When it came to Stage One’s Split Decision, Ninjas could release The High Road, chase after it, and decide at the last second that it’s not worth the risk and take the Fly Hooks.

Throughout the season, we’ve tracked the Split Decision choices and we’re continuing that today. For each Stage One Ninja that reached Split Decision, we’ve recorded the obstacle they ended up on and how it went. If they did not hit the buzzer after the obstacle, we listed it as a “fail,” as it was the final obstacle before the buzzer. That includes if they timed out on the cargo net.

It seems like if a competitor had the guts to go for The High Road, there was success to be found there. But the Fly Hooks seemed like a safer bet. What do you think?

Stage One

  • The High Road: 7 (five successes)
  • Fly Hooks: 29 (22 successes)

  • Ryan Meeks: Fly Hooks
  • Christian Youst: Fly Hooks (fail)
  • Isaiah Wakeham: The High Road
  • Tyler Yamauchi: Fly Hooks
  • Max Feinberg: Fly Hooks
  • Donovan Metoyer: The High Road
  • Lucas Reale: The High Road (fail)
  • Isaiah Thomas: Fly Hooks
  • Tyler Gillett: Fly Hooks
  • Brett Sims: Fly Hooks (fail)
  • Sean Bryan: Fly Hooks
  • Caiden Madzelan: Fly Hooks (fail)
  • Tiana Webberley: Fly Hooks (fail)
  • Jonathan Godbout: Fly Hooks
  • Kai Beckstrand: Fly Hooks
  • Kevin Carbone: Fly Hooks
  • Josiah Pippel: Fly Hooks
  • Adam Rayl: Fly Hooks
  • Elijah Browning: Fly Hooks
  • Jamie Rahn: Fly Hooks (fail)
  • Vance Walker: Fly Hooks
  • Enzo DeFerrari Wilson: Fly Hooks
  • Kaden Lebsack: Fly Hooks
  • Brian Burkhardt: The High Road
  • Anthony Porter: Fly Hooks
  • Jesse Labreck: Fly Hooks
  • R.J. Roman: Fly Hooks (fail)
  • Mike Silenzi: Fly Hooks
  • Kyle Soderman: The High Road
  • Mike Beadle: Fly Hooks (fail)
  • Joe Moravsky: The High Road (fail)
  • Joe Moravsky: Fly Hooks (Safety Pass run)
  • Matt Bradley: Fly Hooks
  • Austin Gray: Fly Hooks
  • Tage Herrington: Fly Hooks
  • Jake Murray: The High Road