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Najee Richardson is now the laché world record holder

He sealed his place in history with an 18’ 3” laché.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We didn’t get to see Najee Richardson on season 13 of American Ninja Warrior when an injury forced him to sit out the season. But the world still took note of his skills this year!

UPDATE: Well, now Najee has TWO world records, so an amendment is in order! He recently posted on Instagram that he added a second Guinness World Record to his collection. Najee set a record for the farthest laché to cat grab at 16 feet and one inch. He even shared a video of the accomplishment.

We love then the award presenter says, “Congratulations, you are officially amazing.” We definitely already knew that! Okay, now read on for more about Najee’s first world record.

Congratulations are in order for Najee! He is now the world record holder for the longest bar to bar laché! Najee sealed his place in history with an 18’ 3” jump. He revealed the exciting news in a video he shared on Instagram.

In the video, Najee explains he’s been after this record for a while. Ever since he got a taste for high flying from the American Ninja Warrior All-Stars competitions, he knew he could break a world record.

He also shares that this has been in the works for years. He made a previous attempt to set a record in 2019 but didn’t record the evidence in a way that Guinness World Records could accept. Najee’s record-breaking jump actually happened last year.

In the video, Najee also records the first moment he opens the actual 2022 Guinness Book of World Records and sees his photo in there (wearing his Spiderman costume). There are actually several Ninja Warrior community members in the new book of records!

This moment must have felt so wonderful. Najee shared that he remembers being a small kid, flipping through the record book in school, and dreaming about how cool it would be to have a world record.

We know from a sneak peek photo that Najee was able to take part in the upcoming All-Stars competition. We can’t wait to see the world recorder holder back where he belongs on American Ninja Warrior!