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Fans can look forward to three American Ninja Warrior specials

Season 13 is over, but there’s still more action on the way!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

It has been one week since the finale of American Ninja Warrior season 13 and we’re already having obstacle cravings. But never fear! The specials are on their way!

During each season of the show, special competitions are filmed after the regularly scheduled activities. Usually, we can expect two additional episodes, but this time around there’s even more action to look forward to.

There are three brand new specials on the way. We don’t know yet when they will air, but we’ve been given clearance to tell you what to expect!

  • The second annual Women’s Championship
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Can Meagan Martin become a two-time champion?

  • The first-ever family competition
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Relay races and a Power Tower face-off will determine the first family of Ninja Warrior.

  • The return of the American Ninja Warrior All-Stars Competition
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The stars come out to play during this fan-favorite obstacle festival.

So let’s address the question we know you’re thinking about right now. No, there is no USA vs the World competition this time around. We’re not privy to the production decision process, but we imagine that organizing an international competition while still filming under strict pandemic protocols would have been a bit of a challenge.

We don't know yet when the three specials will air, but as soon as we hear more we’ll bring you the news. We can’t wait for all this additional action!