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Watch Vance Walker end his season with this extraordinary run

Stage Three is an incredible note to end a season on.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Let’s give Vance Walker a round of applause. His accomplishments on season 13 of American Ninja Warrior are nothing short of legendary.

When it came time for Stage Three, Vance was in position to go first on the course. There would be no opportunity to watch another competitor on the obstacles. That’s especially challenging on a revamped course with multiple, brand-new obstacles.

And he still put together a run that solidified his place as a top Ninja.

The Stalactites are free spinning handles. Even when Vance missed a grab and it swung wildly away from him, he remained calm.

We like how, from this angle, it looks like Vance is just standing on the ground, walking alongside the Ultimate Cliffhanger. That’s also how easy it seemed for him.

Vance finally showed he was human when it came to Eyeglass Alley. He dug deep, but his strength was tapped at the very end of the obstacle.

We’re not exactly worried that this is all we’ll see of Vance. He’s 16! This is far from his only chance to excel on the show. See you soon, Vance!