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Kaden Lebsack’s Stage Three run was pure art. Watch for yourself.

If Ninja Warrior was ballet, this would be Swan Lake. Iconic.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We just... Don’t have words to properly describe how we felt watching Kaden Lebsack’s Stage Three run.

American Ninja Warrior closed out season 13 with an intense finale. The challenging Stage Two chewed up the 27 remaining Ninjas and only four were left standing at the buzzer. Vance Walker, Kyle Soderman, and Austin Gray all did their best to battle Stage Three.

Each of them put together such strong runs, but none reached the buzzer. After Austin fell on Eyeglass Alley, we thought he would be the last Ninja Standing. Then 15-year-old Kaden Lebsack took to the course and performed pure art on the course.

This was a ballet of Ninja Warrior skills. He floated through the Stalactites.

The Ultimate Cliffhanger used to be THE Stage Three obstacle to beat. Kaden turned it into a playground.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Look at the focus on this kid!

Eyeglass Alley was a huge moment. Reaching the obstacle made him the Last Ninja Standing. Defeating the obstacle put Kaden in a class all his own.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Can we please all appreciate just how excited his fellow teen competitors were during this run?

The look on Kaden’s face as he landed the last cradle on the Flying Bar!

Next stop...

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Kaden fell short of the buzzer on the Stage Four climb. But at 15-years-old, in his rookie season on American Ninja Warrior, he beat almost every single thing the show threw at him. Holy. Moly.