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Find out how rocks and dinosaurs have helped shape Kyle Soderman into a top Ninja

Ahead of his Stage Two run, he let us in on his training background.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

With only 20 Ninjas left on season 13 of American Ninja Warrior, you know we’re dealing with some incredibly talented competitors. Ahead of tonight’s finale episode, we’re putting the spotlight on Kyle Soderman.

Season 13 is only Kyle’s second regular season of American Ninja Warrior, and he’s making a name for himself. He had the fourth-fastest finish on his night of the Semifinals and also placed high on the leaderboard in the Qualifiers. With a daring run, Kyle had the second-fastest time overall on Stage One of the National Finals.

How did he hone those Ninja skills? Rock piles and dinosaurs. Check it out.

Kyle’s next stunt will be to attempt Stage Two of the National Finals. It won’t be easy. He’s faced with six tough obstacles, including the blind grab of the Falling Shelves. Find out how Kyle does on the season finale of American Ninja Warrior.

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