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Full results from the National Finals: Stage Three

Four Ninjas remained. One was left after the dust settled.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

It all came down to four Ninjas. Four Ninjas gave it their literal all in pursuit of that final climb. American Ninja Warrior’s season 13 finale brought us back to the hallowed ground of Stage Three and the rarely viewed Stage Four.

The new Eyeglass Alley seemed to provide the biggest challenge of the night. Only the 15-year-old Kaden Lebsack was able to put it behind him. Then he lunged forward to become the youngest competitor on Stage Four. But one goal remained beyond his reach when he timed out short of the buzzer on the final climb. He still takes the title of Last Ninja Standing and $100,000.

There’s a full recap of the episode here. But the very quick cliff notes are below.

Stage Three

  1. Kyle Soderman: Ultimate Cliffhanger - 2:08.57
  2. Vance Walker: Eyeglass Alley - 6:04.33
  3. Austin Gray: Eyeglass Alley - 5:06.75
  4. Kaden Lebsack: Complete - 7:06.10

Stage Four

  • Kaden Lebsack: Timed out