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Will this be Jake Murray’s year to take on Stage Three?

Things look promising in this preview.

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Is season 13 of American Ninja Warrior Jake Murray’s chance to test himself on Stage Three?

Things are looking good in this preview from Monday’s upcoming season finale.

In his seventh year on American Ninja Warrior, Jake has found his speedy stride. He’s smoothly hit buzzers in the Qualifiers, Semifinals, and on Stage One with impressive times.

In Jake’s career, he’s made it to the National Finals three previous times. Each of those times, he was able to clear Stage One and face Stage Two. But Stage Three has eluded him. In the preview above, things look promising for Jake.

He expertly handles the first five obstacles with the clock still strongly on his side. Standing before the Falling Shelves, Jake takes a deep breath and lunges forward. That’s where the video ends. We know Jake is strong. But we also know the Falling Shelves include a blind grab that only Vance Walker was able to navigate on the first night of Stage Two.

We’ll find out what happens next on Monday, September 13, during the season finale of American Ninja Warrior.