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Stage One was ‘light work’ for Isaiah Thomas

Will he find Stage Two as straight forward?

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Isaiah Thomas has come out swinging at the National Finals. On the first night of Stage One, Isaiah topped the leaderboard with the fastest time of the episode.

Remember, the 16-year-old was also the fastest finisher on his night of the Qualifiers, which he did on an injured ankle.

After his Stage One run, Isaiah agreed with sideline reporter Zuri Hall that the course was “light work” for him. He’s a confident competitor who is now in position to make history on the later stages of the National Finals. Will he pull it off?

Here’s what Isaiah said about his preparation and his expectations at this point in the game.

“I’ve been really working on my forearms, my finger strength. I’ve been working on my endurance and everything that’s going to be, hopefully, on the stages.

I expect to fly. I expect to make it to Stage Four. Hopefully, conquer it. This season has been wild. It’s going by so fast. When I’m running it’s like tunnel vision. I don’t really remember what I do.”

Are we looking at the next American Ninja Warrior champion? Stage Two will have a say in that.