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Night two of Semifinals: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

Three of the five top spots went to the younger athletes.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The teens are on top! Once again, the young competitors have taken over the American Ninja Warrior leaderboard. On night two of the Semifinals, three of the five top spots went to Ninjas under 18.

The second spot on the leaderboard went to veteran Joe Moravsky. That set the stage for an epic Power Tower battle where the teacher had to race the student, Jay Lewis, that he trained. A new obstacle, Padlock, became the make-or-break moment for Ninjas looking to get to the National Finals. A female rookie came in seventh overall for the night with a run to the ninth obstacle!

Here are your advancing Ninjas from the second night of the Semifinals.

You can find a full recap of the episode here.

All the night’s results are listed here.

Top 15

  1. Jay Lewis: 3:54.05 (Teen)
  2. Joe Moravsky: 4:09.86 (Safety Pass winner)
  3. Kaden Lebsack: 4:13.92 (Teen)
  4. True Becker: 4:44.29 (Teen)
  5. Amir Malik: 5:04.79
  6. Dan Champagne: Inverter - 5:11.40
  7. Rachel Degutz: Tuning Forks - 6:05.80
  8. Jackson Twait: Padlock - 1:43.38
  9. Chris Behrends: Padlock - 2:03.17
  10. Brett Hernandez Strong: Padlock - 2:06.37
  11. Caiden Madzelan: Padlock - 2:17.11 (Teen)
  12. Lucas Reale: Padlock - 2:22.23
  13. Nick Hanson: Padlock - 3:02.26
  14. Alex Begolly: Padlock - 3:14.31
  15. John Uga: Padlock - 3:16.05

Women’s top three

  1. Rachel Degutz: Tuning Forks - 6:05.80
  2. Casey Rothschild: Padlock - 3:39.29
  3. Cara Mack: Padlock - 4:29.60