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Meagan Martin is living her Olympic dream

She set her sights on nabbing a coveted role as a commentator, and she put in the work to get there.

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American Ninja Warrior - Season 12 Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Meagan Martin makes things happen.

The first-ever American Ninja Warrior Women’s Champion told us back in 2019 that she had a goal. She wanted to be an Olympic commentator for Sport Climbing at the Tokyo games. And after putting in a lot of work, she got it done!

Meagan, alongside Chris Vosters, has been adding her voice and expertise to the climbing events as they’ve rolled out. Check out a little sample of her work.

This is a special moment for Meagan, especially considering that this is the first time Sport Climbing has been featured at the Olympics. She’s breaking new ground.

And of course, she’s having a great time doing it.

Fans of American Ninja Warrior are familiar with her televised accomplishments. Year after year on the show, Meagan makes history and proves her strength. So far in season 13, we’ve watched Meagan clear the Qualifying course while nursing an injury.

Because we’re so familiar with seeing Meagan on the Ninja obstacles, it’s easy to forget that it’s actually a fairly small part of her life. Meagan is a professional rock climber through and through. Need a reminder? This video never fails to give us sweaty palms.

Meagan embodies the idea of turning your dreams into your life and your job.

It seems like whatever Meagan Martin sets her sights on, she gets. While we’re thrilled for her Olympic gig, we can’t wait to see her on the American Ninja Warrior course again. Fans will get that chance in just a few weeks when she returns for the season 13 Semifinals!