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Night two of the Semifinals revs up with a preview of Chad Flexington’s run

Ben Udy’s alter ego gives us our first look at the course.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

It feels like it has been forever, but American Ninja Warrior is finally about to return from its Olympic break! Night two of the season 13 Semifinals airs on Monday, August 9, at 8 pm EST/PST, and to get the action rolling, we have a preview run from Ben Udy, AKA - Chad Flexington.

Ben’s vibrant alter-ego gives us a look at the course we’ll see on Monday night. The Double Twister and Ring Chaser take up positions two and three, a change from the first night.

After a few extra spins on Double Twister, Ben/Chad misses the ring on obstacle three but confidently uses the smaller ring to get through safely. After a quick lineup, he skates across the Spinning Bridge and faces Wall to Wall, which is new to this season. Here, Ben uses some humor and a little shimmy shake to make his way to safety while his friend, Grant McCartney, giggles on the sidelines.

The video cuts off as Chad/Ben faces the Warped Wall, so we don’t get a look at what obstacles might be beyond that point. But we’re not worried. We’re sure Ben will get over the wall and Flexington will flex his muscle on the back half.

Night two of the American Ninja Warrior Semifinals airs on Monday, August 9 at 8 pm EST/PST.