2nd semifinals

My predictions for the course, given by Chad Flexington's preview which ominously deleted from YT 5 mins later......

Shrinking Steps

Double Twister

Ring Chaser

Spinning Bridge

Wall to Wall

Warped Wall

Salmon Ladder

a new obstacle called Padlock,(maybe the obstacle lives up to it's name)

Split decision, ? and ?

Spider Trap(3rd easiest final obstacle in ANW history, why don't they just remove it.....)

Power Tower Predictions, Joe Moravsky V. Lucas Reale,(If he's competing in this episode which he might and he will most likely get fast forwarded)

Winner: Joe(But just like what happened with Daniel Gil, you never know)

Also, If you don't mind watching my video on YT that would be helpful(It's every stage 3 attempt on ANW)

Every Stage 3 Attempt(Read Desc) - YouTube

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