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Joe Moravsky will face Stage One again after this shocking run

He wasn’t happy about it, but he will use the Safety Pass to run again next week.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Night one of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals brought a lot of splashes as 26 of the 38 Ninjas from the night hit the water and ended their seasons.

But the biggest splash of all might have been the shocking conclusion of Joe Moravsky’s run. You can watch that full run below.

Joe made a miscalculation on the trampoline to The High Road and it sent him into the water. Trampoline errors are incredibly common in the sport. We’re just not used to seeing them from two-time Last Ninja Standing Joe Moravsky.

Now, to us, it looks a little bit like Joe was off this whole run. There was just something about the look on his face that seemed like he wasn’t totally in the game. We weren’t getting those incredibly confident vibes he generally gives off while on the obstacles.

But, Joe has a Safety Pass and that’s a game-changer. It means his season is not over. He’ll be back next week to try the course again. Joe certainly wasn’t happy he needed the Safety Pass but if he can make it to the buzzer, it will have given him a second life in the season.

Joe Moravsky will make his second attempt at Stage One on Monday, September 6, at 8 pm/7c on NBC.