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Nick Hanson and Joanne Semaken got married with their Ninja Warrior family by their side


BelovedByAmy - Nick Hanson/Instagram

We’re in the thick of National Finals and season 13 content, but we’re going to take a quick break to bring you some very important Ninja Warrior community news.

American Ninja Warrior Nick Hanson and Joanne Semaken recently married in the most gorgeous, Ninja Warrior-filled Alaskan wedding that has ever existed. Facts. We’re not going to argue about this.

Just... Just look at all this. We don’t have the words to do it justice.

The couple got engaged back in December of 2020 and that was pretty darn awesome as well. Nick and Joanne live in the remote village of Unalakleet, Alaska. They are both Inupiaq, an Alaskan indigenous people.

What would a special day be without all your closest Ninja Warrior friends?

OF COURSE, Grant McCartney was there.

Daniel Gil and his wife Abby were there. Ethan Swanson and Jackson Meyer were flipping out with Nick as well.

Chris DiGangi was there.

There were probably many other Ninjas there because we know those friends roll deep!

UPDATE: Yup. We just spotted this post from Nate Burkhalter confirming MORE Ninjas! Jesse Labreck, Jake Murray, and Nate (obviously) were there as well.

Now it’s going to take us like an hour to recover from the beauty of these photos and get back to writing National Finals articles. Ugh. Worth it. So worth it.

Congratulations, Nick and Joanne! Wishing you a beautiful life together!