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Four things to know about rookie Devan Alexander

Understand the 16-year-old’s mindset as he prepares for the National Finals.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Devan Alexander is doggedly powering his way through season 13 of American Ninja Warrior. The 16-year-old came in third in his age bracket on the second season of American Ninja Warrior Junior. He has spent years testing himself in local competitions. This year, he was called up to the big leagues.

In the Qualifiers, Devan made his way to Pretzel Twist, the fifth obstacle. Devan repeated the performance, in a sense, when he made it obstacle nine in the Semifinals, one obstacle from the buzzer again.

But Devan’s fall on The Dungeon is an impressive feat. Not many rookies can say they’ve made it to the ninth obstacle on the extended course. It also earned Devan a place in the Semifinals.

Before we see him again on Stage One, here are some fast facts about one of Ninja Warrior’s promising rookies.

1.) He was surprised to get the call this year.

“At first, I was really surprised. I thought they were only choosing the same group that was called for season 12. But then I was really hyped and looking forward to it. I had to start training without chalk and everything.”

(Before the pandemic shut down production of season 12 in 2020, a small group of teens was invited to participate.)

2.) Training without chalk is a big deal for him.

“I’m dealing with hyperhidrosis and no chalk. It’s really tough but I’m getting used to it. Working on calming myself down before competitions. I’ve been running longer courses to prepare myself.”

(Competitors are not allowed to use chalk on their hands during competition unless it’s provided by production. Generally, it’s usually only provided on Stage Three of the National Finals.)

3.) He sees the National Finals as the chance to really show us his skills.

“I felt pretty confident going into my Semis run. I did better than I expected but I think I definitely could have done better. After my run, I was relieved that all the pressure was over. Then I found out that I was going to Vegas and I was really looking forward to that. To redeem myself.”

4.) Here’s what he wants you to know and remember.

“I want them to know how dedicated of an athlete I am. I’ve been doing this for about five years. This season has been such an incredible experience. Being in Vegas is unimaginable. Dreaming about it and watching the show years ago, I never thought I’d be here. Here I am, right now. And I’m ready to go.”

Ready? Set? Go! Devan hits Stage One when American Ninja Warrior moves to the National Finals.