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American Ninja Warrior’s season 13 National Finalists

68 Ninjas will step up to Stage One in Los Vegas.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The Semifinals have come to a close, which means it’s time for the most anticipated part of the American Ninja Warrior season: The Las Vegas National Finals.

Once the Ninjas step on that hallowed ground, all bets are off. It’s win or leave. Ninjas have to hit every buzzer put in front of them to stay in the game. This year, the season 13 National Finals will include 68 competitors. 18 of those are teen competitors ranging in age from 15 to 18-years-old. By our count, including those teens, there are 26 rookies in this group. (Let us know if you have a different count!)

Here are all 68 names that will take on Stage One starting Monday, August 30! Congratulations to them all.

Night one - 16 National Finalists

  • Daniel Gil
  • Brian Burkhardt
  • Max Feinberg (teen/rookie)
  • Abel Gonzalez
  • Owen Dyer (teen/rookie)
  • Deren Perez
  • Ryan Meeks
  • Isaiah Thomas (teen/rookie)
  • Christian Youst (teen/rookie)
  • Elijah Browning (teen/rookie)
  • Isaiah Wakeham
  • Anthony Porter
  • Lance Pekus
  • Isabella Wakeham (teen/rookie)
  • Tiana Webberley
  • Zhanique Lovett

Night two - 17 National Finalists

  • Jay Lewis (teen/rookie)
  • Joe Moravsky
  • Kaden Lebsack (teen/rookie)
  • True Becker (teen/rookie)
  • Amir Malik
  • Dan Champagne (rookie)
  • Rachel Degutz (rookie)
  • Jackson Twait
  • Chris Behrends (rookie)
  • Brett Hernandez Strong (rookie)
  • Caiden Madzelan (teen/rookie)
  • Lucas Reale
  • Nick Hanson (rookie)
  • Alex Begolly (rookie)
  • John Uga
  • Casey Rothschild
  • Cara Mack

Night three - 18 National Finalists

  • Vance Walker (teen/rookie)
  • Josiah Pippel (teen/rookie)
  • Sean Bryan
  • Jonathan Godbout (teen/rookie)
  • Brett Sims
  • Adam Rayl
  • R.J. Roman
  • Tyler Gillett
  • Nate Pardo (teen/rookie)
  • Kevin Carbone
  • Tage Harrington
  • Enzo DeFerrari Wilson (teen/rookie)
  • Francisco Barajas
  • DeShawn Harris
  • Bob Reese (rookie)
  • Megan Rowe
  • Meagan Martin
  • Brittney Durant

Night four - 17 National Finalists

  • Jake Murray
  • Austin Gray
  • Cam Baumgartner
  • Kyle Soderman
  • Kai Beckstrand (teen/rookie)
  • Hunter Guerard
  • Nate Hansen
  • Tyler Yamauchi
  • Matt Bradley (rookie)
  • Eric Middleton
  • Mike Silenzi
  • Jesse Labreck
  • Devan Alexander (teen/rookie)
  • Donovan Metoyer
  • Jamie Rahn
  • Ava Colasanti (teen/rookie)
  • Heather Weissinger