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TikTok stars Griffin Johnson and Josh Richards take on American Ninja Warrior

We had a chance to speak with Griffin before his run.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

TikTok took on American Ninja Warrior when superstars Griffin Johnson and Josh Richards tried out the Semifinals course.

They stopped by the competition during the final night of the Semifinals because... Who doesn’t want the chance to prove themselves on the obstacles?!? Griffin and Josh have millions and millions of fans across their social media accounts. There was definitely a little friendly rivalry around who would go farther.

The results? Well, they both gave it their best shot! Griffin didn’t make it past the Shrinking Steps, obstacle one. That meant Josh earned the bragging rights when he made it to the second obstacle, the Lunatic Ledges.

Josh Richards on American Ninja Warrior
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Before the fun got started, Griffin gave us a little insight into preparing for his Ninja Warrior debut.

How did it feel to get the invite to come to the American Ninja Warrior set?

GJ: I was super excited because I’ve been watching this since I was 10 or 11 years old. I watched it with my grandparents, so this is a crazy opportunity for me.

What’s it like seeing the course in person versus on TV?

GJ: On TV, it looks much smaller. In real life, it’s super long. A little more narrow than I expected. The pools are really small, so I’m hoping I don’t fall off the edge.

I heard you tried out the Warped Wall earlier!

GJ: I did! I did make it past the Warped Wall, so that’s already a dub for me.

Do you think your athletic background will help you out there?

GJ: I’ve played sports my whole life and worked out, but honestly, I don’t think there’s any sport or workout that can get you prepared for this unless you’re training exactly for Ninja Warrior.

Now that you’ve seen the course, do you have a goal for the number of obstacles you want to get through?

GJ: If I make it past the first one, dub for me! Anything after that is just a bonus.

Have you met any of tonight’s competitors?

GJ: Not yet. I trained with Arnold Hernandez. He’s done it for years. He was super cool. One day of training with him. Like an hour and a half. So that’s what we’re doing. He said, “Yeah, most people train for this all year round for multiple years.” I’m like, “Alright, sick.” (Laughs)

Was there any advice he gave you that you need to keep in mind on the course?

GJ: His advice was don’t stop moving. The key is to be confident, trust your body, and move quickly. That’s about it.

Griffin learned first-hand that keeping your momentum on the course is an obstacle all its own. It looks like Griffin and Josh had a great time and gave it a good shot. However, they did not make the leaderboard to advance to Vegas, so their season ends here. Better luck next time?