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Night four of Semifinals: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

Our final 17 Ninjas that will take on Stage One of the National Finals

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

This is it! The below list of 17 names rounds out the list of American Ninja Warrior’s season 13 National Finalists.

The final night of the Semifinals was packed with twists and turns. We saw more Ninjas reach the buzzer than before in this round. Jesse Labreck completed her third Semifinals course. One teen, Kai Beckstrand completed the course, and three of the invited teens would advance from this night. It was also a very tough night. In order to advance, you had to make it to the ninth obstacle with a very solid time. Veteran stars Flip Rodriguez and Ethan Swanson would go home without packing their bags for Las Vegas.

Top 15

  1. Jake Murray: 3:34.39
  2. Austin Gray: 3:50.92 (Safety Pass winner)
  3. Cam Baumgartner: 4:12.43
  4. Kyle Soderman: 4:28.25
  5. Kai Beckstrand: 4:56.17 (teen)
  6. Hunter Guerard: 5:06.99
  7. Nate Hansen: 5:13.20
  8. Tyler Yamauchi: 5:17.36
  9. Matt Bradley: 5:18.15
  10. Eric Middleton: 5:27.40
  11. Mike Silenzi: 6:15.99
  12. Jesse Labreck: 6:44.85
  13. Devan Alexander: The Dungeon - 3:10.40 (teen)
  14. Donovan Metoyer: Diving Boards - 3:27.65
  15. Jamie Rahn: Diving Boards - 3:46.43

Women’s top three

  1. Jesse Labreck: 6:44.85
  2. Ava Colasanti: Drop Zone - 1:14.80 (teen)
  3. Heather Weissinger: Drop Zone 1:48.07