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Kai Beckstrand returns for the final night of the Semifinals

Can the 15-year-old impress once again?

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We have our first preview of the final night of the Semifinals! Monday, August 23 will be the last time the Ninjas step up to the 10-obstacle course in Los Angeles. Now, we have a look at one of the most anticipated returns to the course.

Kai Beckstrand is 15-years-old and just unstoppable on the course. In the Qualifiers, he put up the fastest course completion out of all five nights. Kai was joined in the Semifinals by his dad, Brian, who also hit a buzzer in the first round. The two have some distinctive hairdos. You can’t miss ‘em. With that context in mind, check out this run preview!

We join Kai on Drop Zone and there’s a mention that his dad, Brian, fell on that obstacle. Son surpasses his father when Kai easily clears the obstacle, hops the Warped Wall, and digs into the back half.

Crazy Clocks have taken up the eighth position on the course and Kai also has no trouble with that. Once he selects and starts The Dungeon, it appears he’s getting a little fatigued. He misses a few of his grabs, but somehow, he flips a switch, drives forward, and clears that obstacle.

The video cuts off there, which leads us to wonder if we’re looking at another clear for Kai, or is there a twist waiting for us on the Spider Trap.

Find out when the final night of the Semifinals airs on Monday, August 23 at 8 pm EST/PST on NBC.