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Megan Rowe is really, really happy she made the National Finals

Don’t let the axe fool you, she’s as light-hearted as they come.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

When you first meet Megan Rowe, one thought immediately comes to mind: Is that an axe?

Why, yes it is. It’s real too. We quickly got used to seeing Megan toting an axe around on the set of American Ninja Warrior. That’s because her skills have advanced her from round to round. After the third night of the Semifinals, we’ll see her again in Vegas. Megan reached the Padlock with a time that put her on top of the women’s leaderboard.

For someone who is usually carrying around a weapon, Megan has a very sunny and upbeat personality. When Megan chatted with us ahead of the National Finals, she found the bright side of everything.

“I feel like my Semifinals run went really well! I was pleasantly surprised by how far I got. First Warped Wall ever in my entire life! Can’t be mad about that! It felt like things were going the way they needed to. I hit my head a few times, which was a little bit unfortunate. It’s okay! We held on!

It was a really fun course. Moving on to Vegas? You can’t be mad about that! Every time somebody says it, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh! You’re right! I am going to Vegas!’ Even though I’m here, it still hasn’t sunk in yet. I am so excited.”

“I would love to make it through Stage One. I think I can do it, but I’m just so excited to go out there and have fun. Take it one obstacle at a time. I expect myself to do exactly what I’ve been doing. Which is enjoying the entire process and be focused, be in every moment.

This season. I can’t put it into words. Things are coming together that I’ve wanted to come together for two years now. Since I stepped on the course in Tacoma in season 11. It’s very satisfying to know that hard work has been put in. Things are happening. I know that not every single time you walk up to a course, you’re going to have a good run. Every season is not going to look the same. But it’s been amazing.”

You have to love her energy! Megan will bring her upbeat outlook to Stage One of the National Finals soon enough.