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Meagan Martin powers through her season as she pursues her National Finals goals

The obstacles don’t stop when you leave the course.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Meagan Martin cried when she completed the Qualifying course on season 13 of American Ninja Warrior. Later, she told us about the exhaustion she felt before her run and the relief that flooded her at reaching the buzzer.

Her success continued in the Semifinals when her run brought her to Padlock and second place on the women’s leaderboard. That all means Meagan’s year isn’t over yet. But it should be known that this year, Meagan has worked through many of the obstacles that come along with American Ninja Warrior that we don’t see on the show.

“I was pretty happy with my Semifinals run. Always happy to be on the back half of the course. I’ve definitely messed up on the front half a few times before, so it’s always nice to get back there,” Megan began before her tone turned more introspective.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

“I was definitely pretty bummed to go out on the Padlock. Just the way it happened. I basically threw my lachè too hard and hit the truss above me on the way to the second Padlock. It pushed me backward. That was kind of annoying. I wish I had fallen in a way of actually falling, versus hitting something that I shouldn’t have even hit in the first place. But that’s just a note to throw lachès a little less aggressively.

And the ninth obstacle (Dungeon) was something that I’ve done before. I felt like I could do that course. A little bummed. But always happy to make it to Vegas. So I can’t be too upset about the whole situation. I really want to go out trying my hardest if I’m going to go out.”

That’s one of the hardest pills to swallow for the American Ninja Warrior competitors. When their run ends not because their strength gave out, but because of a miscalculation or mistake. In the blink of an eye, they know what happened, they know what they could have done to stop it, but that moment in time is already over.

“For me, the time in between was a little busy,” Meagan shared after we asked her how she prepared for the National Finals. “I had to go shoot something in St. Louis for five days. I got to visit family for the first time in over a year. It probably would have been better to spend that time training, but I had to take advantage of that. I actually didn’t train as much as I normally would have.”

As many competitors have learned, the effort it takes to stay at their personal physical peak takes time. A lot of time. And that can mean sometimes need to pick between hitting up the gym or spending time on other elements of their lives.

Laughing, Meagan continued, “Granted, my body is falling apart, so maybe it’s a good thing. I’ve been competing this whole season with a finger injury. I minorly sprained my left, top of the foot, and then my right ankle in Tacoma when I was walking onto the platform. I had bicep tendonitis. (Sighs) Just trying to get through the season. A little more rest, I think, is actually good.”

There’s a lot that goes into being a successful athlete. Meagan Martin was in the thick of it when we spoke. But like the powerful professional she is, she was also able to look past that tough moment and towards the goals she wants for herself as the competition continues.

“I have goals. I don’t know about expectations. I definitely want to clear Stage One. That’s been a goal for many years. I’ve timed out enough times. It would be really nice to hit that Stage One buzzer and then go from there.

I think it’s been a really exciting season. I feel like I’ve performed better in this season than maybe the last couple of seasons. It was nice to clear the Qualifying course. It’s a new, fresh season too. Having the kids here, changing it up a bit. It’s always a wonderful opportunity that I’m so thankful for. To be back in Vegas, that’s really exciting. It’s an optimistic season.”

Cheer Meagan on when she advances to the American Ninja Warrior National Finals.