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Can Sean Bryan hold on after a hard hit at the Semifinals?

Things get bumpy in this preview of his run from the third night of the Semifinals.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Sean Bryan has had some bad luck when it comes to injuries on the American Ninja Warrior course. He even dislocated his shoulder on the Jumping Spider during Stage One of the Season 11 National Finals.

In the season 13 Qualifiers, Sean took a nasty thump coming off the Pretzel Twist, but he was fine and still finished the course.

Can he get lucky a second time?

In this preview run from the third night of the Semifinals, Sean looks like he’s angling for a top time and a chance at the Power Tower. But things got rocky on the new obstacle, Drop Zone.

The obstacle requires Ninjas to hang from and rotate three pipes. The pipes then unlock and quickly swing down into vertical positions. Then the Ninjas can leap to the next pipe. However, if the Ninja isn’t in position and fully ready for the drop, those pipes can head right into the competitor’s face. That’s what happened to Sean on the second pipe. He takes a solid clunk to the forehead that leaves him bleeding.

He manages to shake it off and get away from the obstacle safely. But how much longer can he navigate the course with an injury? We see Sean impressively make it to the Padlock, but that’s been a Ninja killer lately. Is this the end of Sean’s run? We’ll have to wait until Monday, August 16 at 8 pm to find out!