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Before he heads off to college, True Becker is heading to the National Finals

He’s studied this competition and he’s ready for the final exam.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

True Becker is about to begin an incredible new chapter in his life. This fall, he’s heading to Tufts University. But before that, he’ll dive into another adventure: The American Ninja Warrior National Finals.

During the second night of the season 13 Semifinals, True earned the first buzzer of his rookie season by becoming one of five Ninjas to reach the buzzer at the end of the 10-obstacle course.

“Honestly, before my run, I was probably more nervous than I’ve ever been for a competition,” True shared with us after his time on the course. “I don’t know why. Something just didn’t feel right in my head. Luckily, I put it all together.

As soon as I get on the first obstacle, the nerves that basically make me curl up into a ball go away. I’m still going to be nervous. But I can compete to my full potential as soon as I get on the first Shrinking Step. Nerves definitely become fuel for me after taking a step.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

After that bit of a nerve-wracking start (not that the audience could notice), True found his stride and his confidence.

“When I got up the Warped Wall I was like, ‘I’m probably going to finish this course. I know I can get this.’ Hitting the buzzer was everything I’ve ever wanted and more because I know I’m capable of it.”

That means prior to becoming a Tufts University Freshman, True is an American Ninja Warrior National Finalist. Talk about building an impressive resumé.

“It’s incredible that I’m finally here. It’s been my dream for so long to be on the show. The fact that I’m competing on the obstacles that I’ve seen people compete on for years and years is amazing.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We asked True to give us an idea of what he thinks he can accomplish in Las Vegas. His response was one of someone who’s studied this competition through the years.

“I think Stage One is my kind of obstacles. Agility and flying through the air. I’m very confident for Stage One. I think I’m capable of hitting a buzzer on Stage Two. I feel like there’s a bunch of people who are capable of hitting a buzzer on Stage Three and I would put myself in there. It’s Ninja. Anything can happen.

I’m definitely happy with myself just getting here. But I’ve gotta be hungry for it. I want Stage Four.”

Hopefully True is hungry. Stage One is up once American Ninja Warrior wraps up the Semifinals.