I remade ANW with LEGO Super Mario characters and pieces

The way the competition in this universe works is similar to ANW. 100 competitors compete in 5 qualifying regions, and the top 30 competitors and top 5 women move on. In the semifinals, the top 20 from each semifinal move on, including 3 women guaranteed, which means 17 men move on to the national finals. In the finals, the Sasuke/Mt. Midoriyama course is brought back to the Mario universe. (A clear is an automatic qualification, but we've always had a single digit number of clears in our competitions.)

All the obstacles are remade so far:
Shrinking Steps, Ring Swing, Double Twister, Ring Toss, Jump Hang, Lunatic Ledges, Tuning Forks, Spinning Bridge, Broken Bridge, Burn Rubber, Wobble Rocks (NEW), Slider Grab (NEW), Seesaw Slider (NEW), Ring Fetch (NEW), Warped Wall


Floating Steps, Salmon Ladder, Corkscrew, Padlock, Air Surfer, The Dungeon, Diving Boards, Invisible Ladder, Circuit Board, Nail Clipper

Finals First Stage:

Floating Steps, Rolling Escargot, Trapeze Swing to Cargo Net, Double Dipper, Jumping Spider, Walk the Plank to Cargo Net, Warped Wall, Tuning Forks, Lunatic Ledges to Cargo Net

Time limit: 160 seconds

Finals Second Stage:

Ring Chaser to Ring Toss, Criss Cross Salmon Ladder, Wave Runner, Swing Surfer, Wingnut Alley, Spider Drop, Reverse Conveyor, Wall Flip

Time Limit: 195 seconds

Finals Third Stage:

Roulette Cylinder, Keylock Hang, Floating Boards, Crazy Cliffhanger, Sidewinder to Hang Climb, Vertical Limit, Flying Bar

Final Stage:

Salmon Ladder (12 rungs) to Rope Climb

Time Limit: 30 seconds

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