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Casey Rothschild’s season is about much more than just obstacles

She appreciates every chance she gets to represent her community.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

“Representing Queer Ninjas Unite has meant a lot. Every time I get to step on that platform and hold out that flag, regardless of how many obstacles I complete, it means a lot to me.”

Queer Ninjas Unite is a group dedicated to support, education, and connection for LGBT+ Ninjas and their allies.

Those are the words of Casey Rothschild, a founding member of Queer Ninjas Unite, while she modestly discussed her Semifinals run. She made it into the back half of the extended course, putting up a fight with Padlock, an obstacle that ended many runs that night. Her work earned her the second spot on the women’s leaderboard for the night. It also cleared a path to the National Finals.

We spoke with Casey after her run.

“After two seasons of doing this, I really wanted to focus,” she shared when asked about her intentions for the season. “I know the times I’ve gone out, I haven’t been as present as I want to be on the course. I wanted to be fully aware. And if I did go down, I wanted it to be because I knew what happened. I pumped out. That’s what ended up happing (in Qualifiers).”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

“In Semifinals, I knew I wanted to get back over that wall again. I took my time. I didn’t go as fast I know I could, but I was really happy to complete obstacles, get back up there. Getting to try the Salmon Ladder for the first time was super exciting. That was one of the first Ninja obstacles I’d ever seen.

At the end of the run, I was just a little tired and I didn’t have the best reflexes, missed that grab (on Padlock), but I was really happy. At that point, I’d knew I’d made Vegas.”

Knowing she had a few weeks to prepare prior to facing Stage One, how did Casey get ready?

“I try to do a lot of rock climbing. I do a little bit of cross-training. I’m also just in the Ninja gym prepping. Fun challenges and also getting focused. Doing course runs in general. Cardio training.”

With Casey’s shot at Vegas in front of her, she’s once again taking a humble approach to her expectations.

“It’s my first time ever in Vegas. I am going to be happy with completing any obstacles. Of course, I would like a buzzer, but I’m just super excited to try it for the first time.”