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Who had the fastest finish of the Qualifiers?

Now that all five Qualifying episodes have aired, who’s the fastest of the fast?

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

UPDATE: We’ve updated this article to reflect all five episodes of the Qualifiers.

The season 13 American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers are a wrap! The final night held the information we needed to understand who would be heading to Los Angeles for the Semifinals. It also means we can update this article to find out who was the fastest of the fast on the Qualifying course.

There’s always a top finisher for each night, but who’s time was faster than the other top finishers?

This is a very relative question because they all ran different courses, but it’s interesting information to look at regardless. Here are the final results from the Qualifiers!

1.) Kai Beckstrand: 1:36.83

2.) R.J. Roman: 1:39.84

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

3.) Jake Murray: 1:47.20

4.) Kaden Lebsack: 1:49.09

5.) Isaiah Thomas: 2:16.67

Kai Beckstrand blew our minds with his run on the final night of the Qualifiers. Without even trying, he slipped through the obstacles like a fish through water. Yes. He is 15-years-old. Kai put up the top time of the Qualifiers.

R.J. Roman came in second with his time that was just under one minute and forty seconds. Jake Murray’s time took third. Spots four and five on the list both went to 15-year-old competitors. Kaden Lebsack and Isaiah Thomas beat all the other Ninjas to the buzzer on their respective nights of competition.

Will we see these names at the top of the leaderboards again in the Semifinals? Only time will tell! The season 13 Semifinals kick off on Monday, July 19 at 8 pm/7 c on NBC.