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Top 5 most-watched Ninja Warrior runs of the season (so far)

These runs are a snapshot of the season’s highlights.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Thanks to the NHL Stanley Cup finals, we had no new American Ninja Warrior episode to obsess over this week. The show will return on Monday, July 12 with the fifth and final night of the season 13 Qualifiers.

While we wait to find out who will be the final participants in the Semifinals, we’re going to look back at what we know so far. Using American Ninja Warrior’s official YouTube page, we’ve logged the top five most-watched runs of the season so far. It’s an entertaining batch of videos that serves as a snapshot of what this season has been all about to this point.

Here we go!

1.) Isaiah Thomas

15-year-old Isaiah stormed the course and took the top time on his night of competition even with a Mega Wall attempt. Oh yeah, he also had an ankle injury.

2.) Kaden Lebsack

Also 15-years-old, Kaden ALSO took the top spot on his leaderboard. (There’s a trend here.) Kaden trains with Ninjas like Jake Murray and Ethan Swanson and he’s been preparing for this since he was 10-years-old.

3.) Daniel Gil

This run was one of the first and probably biggest surprises of the season so far. All because, well, he didn’t hit the buzzer. Daniel is so consistently successful that a fall on the fifth obstacle left all of us, even Daniel, in shock.

4.) Vance Walker

And we’re back to the teens! At age 16, Vance commanded our attention with his debut run that included answering Akbar’s question while navigating an obstacle, and taking the Mega Wall. That makes him the youngest Ninja to ever grab that $10,000 prize.

5.) Joe Moravsky

It’s always a thrill to watch Joe on the course, and he kicked off season 13 by giving the audience exactly what they wanted: A pretty perfect run. He beat the Mega Wall once again and took the third spot on the leaderboard. Is this Joe’s season to take it all? He thinks so.

American Ninja Warrior returns with the final night of the Qualifiers on Monday, July 12, at 8 pm on NBC.