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Season 13 saw 24 Mega Wall attempts and just four finishes

Looking back at the 18-foot wall’s role during the Qualifiers.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

As season 13 of American Ninja Warrior plunges deeper into the Semifinals, it gives us the chance to process what happened in the Qualifiers. With all the information now available from the first round of competition, we have a better picture of how things went compared to previous seasons.

Today, we’re taking a look back at the Mega Wall’s role in this year’s competition. For season 13, the original Mega Wall rules were used. Ninjas had one chance to attempt the 18-foot wall. If they failed, they had one remaining attempt on the 14.5-foot Warped Wall.

Season 13 saw 24 Mega Wall attempts in total, with just four completions.

For comparison, that’s fewer attempts than in seasons 10 and 11. But more than season 12.

Take a look back at who attempted the Mega Wall during the five nights of the Qualifiers, and who was successful.

Night one

  • One attempt
  • Not completed by: Isaiah Thomas
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Night two

  • Three attempts
  • Not completed by: Josiah Pippel, Victor Chang
  • Completed by: Joe Moravsky

Night three

  • Seven attempts
  • Not completed by: Brett Sims, Tyler Gillett, R.J. Roman, Dan Polizzi, Kevin Carbone
  • Completed by: Brett Hernandez Strong, Vance Walker

Night four

  • Six attempts
  • Not completed by: Adam Rayl, Caiden Madzelan, Tage Herrington, Luke Dillon, Jay Lewis, David Campbell
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Night five

  • Seven attempts
  • Not completed by: Kyle Soderman, Eric Middleton, Sam Folsom, John Mack, Jamie Rahn, Joe Brown
  • Completed by: Jackson Twait