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Tiana Webberley looks to join the ‘Stage One Club’

“Buzzers are our baseline.”

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Tiana Webberley is receiving some well-deserved attention. Now a seven-time competitor, Tiana earned her first buzzer in season 12. She grabbed another buzzer in the first round of the 2021 Women’s Championship and made it to the Power Tower playoffs.

To kick off season 13, Tiana edged her way into the top 30 during the Qualifiers. She hit her stride in the Semifinals, advancing to the ninth obstacle, and falling on the Tuning Forks. As her year gains momentum, she’s turned her gaze to the National Finals in Las Vegas. Read on for Tiana’s thoughts and perspective on her year so far.

How she prepared for season 13

“A lot of the strength training that I’ve been doing has really built my confidence. Knowing that I’m strong enough and powerful enough to do these obstacles. Now I know I have the strength, it’s just conquering the technique.”

Looking back on the Semifinals and heading to the National Finals

“I am super stoked about my Semifinals run. Grateful to have made it back to obstacle nine and qualified for the National Finals.

Preparation (for Vegas) has been a lot of Warped Wall training. The last time I was in Vegas, I went out on the wall. Working on single-leg power with my coach. I’m ready to rock.

My expectations of myself are to get that buzzer. One obstacle at a time. I know I can’t take any obstacle for granted. But the goal is a buzzer, so I’m ready for it. Stage One Club.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Keeping her eyes on the ultimate goal

“Since season 12 and hitting the buzzer, obviously, I still have to take it one obstacle at a time, but now I have a baseline. As my coach says, ‘Buzzers are our baseline.’ I don’t have a goal any lower than that. Confidently take each obstacle one at a time. Smooth is fast.”

The lessons Ninja Warrior has taught her

“Hard work pays off. Never give up. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. Sometimes it takes some of us a little bit longer than others to hit that buzzer or get those goals. But in the end, if you just keep working, you’ll reach those goals. You have to be a little more patient than others. Not going to lie, it’s hard. But when you do hit that goal, it feels that much more amazing.”

Tiana’s shot at the Stage One club will take place when American Ninja Warrior moves on to the National Finals.