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Tracking the ‘Split Decisions’ of the Semifinals

Who picked balance? Who picked upper body? And who made it through?

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Over the course of the American Ninja Warrior season 13 Qualifiers, we tracked the Split Decision choices of the advancing Ninjas. Who went right and who went left? We’re going to continue that habit as the Semifinals air.

As a reminder, in the Semifinals, Split Decision takes place in the ninth position on the course. The competitors pick between an upper body obstacle or a tricky balance obstacle. The decision is a reason to pause. Is the competitor too drained to have a chance at the upper body and their only hope is to survive the balance? Or do they have enough left in the tank to grit it out and avoid the uncertainly of balance? The choice could make the difference between advancing to the National Finals or going home.

Tracking the Semifinals' choices will be a little different because there may arise a situation where not every competitor who advanced to the National Finals reached Split Decision in position nine. We’ll only list out those who had to make a choice. We’ll also note if the competitor fell on their choice, which helps us perhaps understand if one of the obstacles was “safer” than the other.

Semifinals night one

  • Inverter: 8 (1 success)
  • Tuning Forks: 7 (3 successes)

  • Daniel Gil: Tuning Forks
  • Brian Burkhardt: Tuning Forks
  • Max Feinberg: Inverter
  • Abel Gonzalez: Tuning Forks
  • Owen Dyer: Tuning Forks (fall)
  • Deren Perez: Tuning Forks (fall)
  • Ryan Meeks: Inverter (fall)
  • Isaiah Thomas: Tuning Forks (fall)
  • Christian Youst: Inverter (fall)
  • Elijah Browning: Inverter (fall)
  • Isaiah Wakeham: Inverter (fall)
  • Anthony Porter: Inverter (fall)
  • Lance Pekus: Inverter (fall)
  • Isabella Wakeham: Inverter (fall)
  • Tiana Webberley: Tuning Forks (fall)

Semifinals night two

  • Inverter: 6 (5 successes)
  • Tuning Forks: 1 (0 success)

  • Jay Lewis: Inverter
  • Joe Moravsky: Inverter
  • Kaden Lebsack: Inverter
  • True Becker: Inverter
  • Amir Malik: Inverter
  • Dan Champagne: Inverter (fall)
  • Rachel Degutz: Tuning Forks (fall)

Semifinals night three

  • The Dungeon: 6 (6 successes)
  • Diving Boards: 3 (0 success)

  • Vance Walker: The Dungeon
  • Josiah Pippel: The Dungeon
  • Sean Bryan: The Dungeon
  • Jonathan Godbout: The Dungeon
  • Brett Sims: The Dungeon
  • Adam Rayl: The Dungeon
  • R.J. Roman: Diving Boards (fall)
  • Tyler Gillett: Diving Boards (fall)
  • Nate Pardo: Diving Boards (fall)

Semifinals night four (final)

  • The Dungeon: 9 (8 success)
  • Diving Boards: 6 (4 success)

  • Jake Murray: Diving Boards
  • Austin Gray: Diving Boards
  • Cam Baumgartner: The Dungeon
  • Kyle Soderman: Diving Boards
  • Kai Beckstrand: The Dungeon
  • Hunter Guerard: The Dungeon
  • Nate Hansen: The Dungeon
  • Tyler Yamauchi: The Dungeon
  • Matt Bradley: The Dungeon
  • Eric Middleton: Diving Boards
  • Mike Silenzi: The Dungeon
  • Jesse Labreck: The Dungeon
  • Devan Alexander: The Dungeon (fell)
  • Donovan Metoyer: Diving Boards (fell)
  • Jamie Rahn: Diving Boards (fell)