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Night one of Semifinals: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

Your first National Finalists are here!

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The first night of the American Ninja Warrior Semifinals did not disappoint. The teens held their own in a big way. Six of them have sealed their paths to the National Finals. For anyone who wondered how far these young athletes would go, the answer is clear now. They’ll be in the final rounds for sure.

The first Power Tower battle was a matchup between Daniel Gil (no surprise) and Brian Burkhardt who impressed everyone. With no disrespect to Brian, we thought this was Daniel’s game. But when he struggled at a crucial point of the competition, it was Brian who earned the Safety Pass.

Read on for the first confirmed names of our season 13 National Finalists!

Top 15

  1. Daniel Gil: 4:40.11
  2. Brian Burkhardt: 7:18.59 (Safety Pass winner)
  3. Max Feinberg: 7:19.90 (Teen)
  4. Abel Gonzalez: 7:27.06
  5. Owen Dyer: Tuning Forks - 3:26.97 (Teen)
  6. Deren Perez: Tuning Forks - 3:55.74
  7. Ryan Meeks: Inverter - 4:21.35
  8. Isaiah Thomas: Tuning Forks - 4:21.70 (Teen)
  9. Christian Youst: Inverter - 4:26.91 (Teen)
  10. Elijah Browning: Inverter - 4:27.19 (Teen)
  11. Isaiah Wakeham: Inverter - 4:32.10
  12. Anthony Porter: Inverter - 4:51.54
  13. Lance Pekus: Inverter - 4:57.18
  14. Isabella Wakeham: Inverter - 5:47.35 (Teen)
  15. Tiana Webberley: Tuning Forks - 5:52.01

Top three women

  1. Isabella Wakeham: Inverter - 5:47.35 (Teen)
  2. Tiana Webberley: Tuning Forks - 5:52.01
  3. Zhanique Lovett: Tilt-A-Whirl - 0:28.72