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How to watch American Ninja Warrior season 13: Night one of Semifinals

The next round of the competition is here!

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Things are really heating up on American Ninja Warrior! With the Qualifiers in the bag, the competition moves to Los Angeles for the Semifinals.

We can expect some big changes along with the big move. Now, only 15 competitors will advance (with the top three women). The course includes 10 grueling obstacles. Split Decision will be in position nine on the course, forcing the Ninjas to pick between a hair-raising balance obstacle or a draining upper body obstacle. At the end of it all, we have the Power Tower. The two fastest Ninjas of the night will race on the new Power Tower for the Safety Pass, an essential tool in the National Finals.

Oh yeah, you’re going to want to tune in for this.

Season 13 - Night one of Semifinals

Start time:
Monday, July 19, 8 pm EST/PST on NBC (7 pm CST)

Live streaming:
Stream NBC Live - You will need to sign in with a cable provider.

You can also download the NBC app.

Available the next day on Peacock

Previous episodes:
Previous episodes are available on NBC.Com and on Peacock.