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Kai Beckstrand has his sights set on Vegas after racing to the buzzer

With the fastest time of the night and his dad beside him, he’s off to the Semifinals.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

What is there to say about Kai Beckstrand? Seriously. We’re running out of superlatives to describe the teen competitors who are dominating season 13 of American Ninja Warrior. And Kai deserves all of them.

Kai, who is 15-years-old ran the course after his father, Brian. Both sported pretty noticeable mohawks. Both completed the course. Except Kai did it A LOT faster than his dad. So fast that Kai had the top time of the entire night by about 15 seconds.

Casual Ninja Warrior viewers might think this kid came out of nowhere, but that performance was par for the course in Kai’s world.

“I competed on seasons one and two of American Ninja Warrior Junior. I took first place in season one and fourth in season two. I also compete in the UNAA league and I’ve taken fifth and fourth there as well,” he shared with us.

“Getting the (casting) phone call was super exciting because I had never even imagined that I’d get to compete at this young of an age. I’m ready for today’s competition because I’ve been training for over half my life. I’ve spent eight years training almost every day. I feel super ready right now. My goal for this season is to make it to Vegas.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

In order for Kai to reach his goal of the National Finals, he’ll need to hold his own at the upcoming Semifinals. We’re feeling pretty comfortable about his odds. But regardless, he’s already made Ninja Warrior history. He and his dad are the first father/son duo to complete a course together! Talk about family bragging rights.