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Did Leif Sundburg’s ‘dad-strength’ save that outrageous run?

We have one question about his run. HOW?!?

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

One word comes to mind when we think of Leif Sundberg’s American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers run: HOW?

Leif made quite an impression the last time he ran a Qualifying course in the Tacoma Dome. Back in season 11, he completed the course in under one minute. That’s like... Extremely fast.

Back for season 13, Leif started off the fifth night of Qualifiers with a run that had us scoffing in astonishment once again but for very different reasons. He fell on Log Runner, clinging to one log. That should equal sudden death. Competitors are not allowed to use their hands to advance. They must get back to their feet and run to the landing. But on a spinning log? How?!?

We can’t even fully describe it, but somehow, after hiking, and pulling, pushing, Leif shot to his feet and launched to safety. Then he pulled off a snappy reverse dismount on Tilt-A-Whirl. His run ended on Sideways, but we needed to know how he made it that far.

Here’s what went into Leif’s determination on the course.

“I’ve already been here in Tacoma. I’ve already competed. It feels normal to me. It takes a lot of the novelty out of it. Helps me de-stress. I’ve been here. I’ve had success here. I’m looking forward to having more success on the course.

I recently had my firstborn son, Linus. He’s been a big motivator for me with my training. I really want to be a positive role model in his life. I want to be someone that he can look up to. I know he’s not going to remember this, but this is going to shape me into the father I want to be.

It’s going to give me that extra dad-strength. It’s going to help me on obstacles and be a big motivator. Help me achieve that 110% that I’m trying to get on the course.”

We’d say 120% was unlocked!