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The final night of Qualifiers: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

This list rounds out our batch of Semifinalists.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior season 13 Qualifiers have come to a close. Our final leaderboard of the season reflects the patterns set up in the previous four episodes.

The invited young athletes were stellar, taking the top two spots in the top 30 and four Semifinalist positions overall. Jesse Labreck added the seventh buzzer to her growing collection. Jackson Twait brought home some bacon to his new cat, Hashbrown. Kyle Schulze earned the last spot on the leaderboard with a run that will simultaneously inspire you and leave you wincing.

Top 30

  1. Kai Beckstrand: 1:36.83 (Rookie/Teen)
  2. Cal Plohoros: 1:51.49 (Rookie/Teen)
  3. Tyler Yamauchi: 1:53.17
  4. Cam Baumgartner: 1:55.19
  5. Jackson Twait: 1:57.59 - Mega Wall
  6. Joe Meissner: 1:58.66 (Rookie)
  7. Kyle Soderman: 2:03.04
  8. Hunter Guerard: 2:04.83
  9. Chris Behrends: 2:11.04 (Rookie)
  10. John Mack: 2:23.55 (Rookie)
  11. Eric Middleton: 2:59.31
  12. Sam Folsom: 3:03.63 (Rookie/Teen)
  13. Mike Silenzi: 3:15.54
  14. Philip Scott: 3:16.15
  15. Brian Beckstrand: 3:23.67
  16. Joe Brown: 3:43.52 (Rookie)
  17. Jesse Labreck: 3:50.65
  18. Jamie Rahn: 4:03.15
  19. Flip Rodriguez: Sideways
  20. Donovan Metoyer: Sideways
  21. Ben Martin: Sideways
  22. Nick Hanson: Sideways (Rookie)
  23. Sem Garay: Sideways
  24. Marquez Green: Sideways
  25. Roo Yori: Sideways
  26. Jason Barber: Sideways (Rookie)
  27. Andrew Stoinski: Sideways (Rookie)
  28. Marcelino Riley: Sideways
  29. Nathan Green: Sideways
  30. Kyle Schulze: Sideways

Women’s top 5

  1. Jesse Labreck: 3:50.65
  2. Megan Rowe: Sideways
  3. Taylor Amann: Sideways
  4. Jamie Ross: Sideways
  5. Ava Colasanti: Tilt-A-Whirl (Rookie/Teen)