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With an entrance like that, we need to pay attention to Kaden Lebsack

A sub-two minute course run? Yeah, we need to watch this Ninja.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

World, meet Kaden Lebsack.

The 15-year-old had the fastest course completion on the second night of the American Ninja Warrior season 13 Qualifiers. His time clocked in solidly under two minutes. It’s impressive. It’s very impressive.

Which may have left some viewers wondering, “Who the heck is this kid?”

Kaden regularly trains with speedsters like Ethan Swanson. Jake Murray calls Kaden possibly the best Ninja in the world. It seems like we should be paying attention. Let’s get to know Kaden a little better!

What’s his Ninja Warrior experience?

“I got second place on American Ninja Warrior Junior (season two). I’ve won UNAA* Worlds two times for my age division, NNL* Worlds one time for my age division, and I got second place in pros for UNAA finals.”

UNAA = Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association

NNL= National Ninja League

When did he get into Ninja Warrior?

“I started training when I was 10 years old. I took it really seriously, pretty much right away. I had a competition around two weeks into training and it qualified me for UNAA and then about a month after, I took third place in UNAA finals.

I love the community about Ninja. Everyone’s so supportive. They want you to do really well. You want them to do well. There’s just no other sport like it.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

His dad thinks we should know about Kaden’s drive

“I don’t think many people in the world have a drive like Kaden does. When he finds something he wants, he pushes it really hard until he gets it.”

Kaden is ready and excited to be here this season

“Getting the call was crazy. I’ve never been more excited to compete. Being on courses with all the people that I grew up watching on TV is crazy. I don’t think it’s really hit me yet. I’ve been a fan of the show for probably my whole life.

I feel ready for this year of Ninja Warrior because I’ve already been competing with people like Joe Moravsky, Daniel Gil. My goal this year is just to do my best and have a fun time.”

We have no doubts we’ll find out even more about Kaden as the season goes on. He’ll be back for the American Ninja Warrior Semifinals in a few weeks!