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Check out Akbar’s weekly American Ninja Warrior pre-show party

He’ll go live every week before the new episodes air.

Do you ever think to yourself, “Jeez, two hours of American Ninja Warrior a week is just not enough for me”?

Same, friends. Same.

American Ninja Warrior host Akbar Gbajabiamila can relate! And he has set out to help solve that issue with his new web show. It’s a Ninja Warrior pre-show party like only Akbar could create.

Each week Akbar will count down to the newest episode of American Ninja Warrior with special guests like former Ninjas, current Ninjas, and others. He’ll go live on YouTube at 7:30 PM EST/ 4:30 PM PST each week.

Listen to behind-the-scenes stories while also being entertained with at-home fun games and challenges. Akbar kicked things off last week with Ninja Natalie Duran. For episode two, he’s lined up Evan Dollard. He’ll also take viewer questions during the segment.

Akbar’s pre-show turns American Ninja Warrior night into a 2.5-hour event! Be sure to tune in to Akbar’s pre-show at 7:30 pm EST on YouTube, followed by American Ninja Warrior at 8 pm EST on NBC!.