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Night two of Qualifiers: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

Five women ranked within the top 30.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

While we eagerly studied the leaderboard displayed at the end of American Ninja Warrior’s second night of Qualifiers, we noticed something odd. There was no leaderboard for the top five women.

We quickly, and happily, realized the reason for it was because five women had placed in the top 30. They were all on the overall leaderboard with no additional positions needed. That’s a big deal!

This was another tough Qualifying course with less than 10 finishers. Everyone had to fight tooth and nail to assure a spot in the next round. Here are the Ninjas moving on to the Semifinals!

Top 30

  1. Kaden Lebsack: Complete - 1:49.09 (Rookie/Teen)
  2. Lucas Reale: Complete - 2:02.89
  3. Joe Moravsky: Complete/Mega Wall - 2:04.10
  4. Josiah Pippel: Complete - 2:53.76 (Rookie/Teen)
  5. Anthony Porter: Complete - 3:01.48
  6. Victor Chan: Complete - 3:06.58
  7. Dan Champagne: Complete - 3:43.59 (Rookie)
  8. Julius Ferguson: V Formation
  9. True Becker: V Formation (Teen/Rookie)
  10. Mike Beadle: V Formation (Rookie)
  11. Lance Pekus: V Formation
  12. Michael Larlee: V Formation
  13. Cody Johnston: V Formation
  14. Ruben Arellano: V Formation
  15. Vincent Pane: V Formation (Rookie)
  16. Xavier Dantzler: V Formation (Teen/Rookie)
  17. Jason Grossman: V Formation (Rookie)
  18. Jonah Bonner: V Formation
  19. Zhanique Lovett: V Formation
  20. Will Schlageter: V Formation
  21. DC Banks: V Formation
  22. Jose Gomez: V Formation
  23. Sandy Zimmerman: V Formation
  24. Deren Perez: V Formation
  25. Francisco Barajas: Tipping Point
  26. Sophia Lavalee: Tipping Point (Teen/Rookie)
  27. Perry Madison: Tipping Point
  28. Brian Montagnese: Tipping Point
  29. Brittney Durant: Tipping Point
  30. Tiana Webberley: Tipping Point

Top five women

  1. Zhanique Lovett: V Formation
  2. Sandy Zimmerman: V Formation
  3. Sophia Lavallee: Tipping Point
  4. Brittney Durant: Tipping Point
  5. Tiana Webberley: Tipping Point