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Sneak peek: Watch Josiah Pippel’s Qualifying run

Another young athlete is poised for massive success!

Ready for more American Ninja Warrior? The second night of the Qualifiers will air on Monday, June 7 at 8 pm on NBC. But we have a first look for you right now! And yes, it’s another teen ready to dominate the obstacles.

Josiah Pippel is just 15 years old. But he’s also six feet tall, an alum of ANW Junior, and one heck of an athlete. His love of lizards has Akbar a little wary up in the host tower, but Josiah isn’t worried about anything on the course.

As he moves through his Qualifying run, we get a look at the changes to the course from night one. The second obstacle is now Weight For It. Split-Decision now includes Burn Rubber and the Broken Bridge.

Josiah handles all that with complete ease. When Tipping Point offered a bit of a challenge on the dismount, Josiah calmly maneuvered the situation.

The young Ninja is all focus as he reaches V Formation, the fifth obstacle. He skips the second handle, opting to take the big drop down to the third. Josiah looks to the fourth handle and... That’s all we get, folks!

We’ll have to wait until Monday to find out if Josiah becomes another of the youngest competitors to reach the Warped Wall. American Ninja Warrior airs on Monday at 8 pm on NBC!