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How to watch American Ninja Warrior: Night two of Qualifiers

The night brings the return of competitors like Joe Moravsky, Lance Pekus, and Sandy Zimmerman.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Ready for more? Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior is off and running! The first night of Qualifiers made a statement. The course was really tough. The Ninjas were very determined. The teens arrived in a BIG way.

What can we expect from the second night of the Qualifiers? Well, who knows when it comes to American Ninja Warrior. There are more teens on deck, craving a way to make a name for themselves. But there’s a stack of veterans returning, like Lance Pekus, Joe Moravsky, and Sandy Zimmerman. You know they’re not going to throw away their opportunity.

Also, at some point, Akbar will make this face.

Here’s how to tune in for night two of the American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers!


Season 13 - Night two of Qualifiers

Start time:

Monday, June 7, 8 pm EST/PST on NBC (7 pm CST)

Live streaming:

Stream NBC Live - You will need to sign in with a cable provider.

You can also download the NBC app.

Available the next day on Peacock

Previous episodes:

Previous episodes are available on NBC.Com and on Peacock.