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Moving into the Semifinals, Abby Clark has her sights set on Vegas.

“I want to go to Vegas. I feel like I am capable of doing it. It’s just putting it all together in that one moment.”

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

“The last thing I thought was just to get out there and have fun. My biggest focus going into Qualifiers was just to go out there and compete because that’s what I really like to do. I just wanted to have fun with it.”

Abby Clark had an undeniable look of determination on her face during her Qualifying run. On the fourth night of the American Ninja Warrior season, her work would land her in the top 30 as one of the five women to move on to the Semifinals.

Season 13 marked Abby’s fourth season of competition. In season 10, she completed the Minneapolis Qualifying course. This time, Abby made an impressive run to the fifth obstacle, Pretzel Twist. That difficult obstacle took out a chunk of the seasoned competitors. With her years of training, what does Abby think is her key to success? We had the chance to speak with her after her run.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

“I think the most important thing (in training) was all the course runs that I’ve done. When I get out on the course in Qualifiers, it’s not much different than what I’m used to in training. I like to keep myself in the mindset that it’s just me and the course. Me and whatever obstacle that I’m on. There are no other obstacles at that moment.”

Abby was just shy of another buzzer in the Qualifiers, but all that work paid off in another way. Her position on the leaderboard meant she was through the Semifinals, and that’s one of the biggest keys to her season.

“I feel good. I’m ready to go,” Abby shared. “Coming out here is exciting. One of my biggest goals from the Qualifiers was to make it to the Semifinals. So we’re here, and I want to go to Vegas. I feel like I am capable of doing it. It’s just putting it all together in that one moment.”

There’s just a few weeks left until American Ninja Warrior launches into the next round of competition. We can’t wait to see what Abby’s focus accomplishes for her next.