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Is Jake Murray still fast? Oh yeah.

After dominating the season 12 leaderboards, Jake was back in action.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

When Jake Murray approached the starting line for his American Ninja Warrior season 13 Qualifiers run, the fans expected speed and they expected antics.

In season 12, Jake snapped up the fastest course completion time in the Qualifiers, Semifinals, and the Finals. His time in the Qualifiers was less than one minute. This was from the guy who wore the fanny pack. The Ninja who rode a segway to the start line, and wore a straight jacket once.

But this time, Jake carefully edged his way to the start. The joke was that he was actually being careful. But he was still fast.

So fast.

How fast? Jake snagged the top time of the night at 1:47.20. You can watch his full run below!

It’s probably pretty obvious, but in case you were wondering, yes, Jake is through to the Semifinals. He’ll be back on the course in a few weeks. Will his time there take him to the Power Tower?