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“Mentally, I was stronger than ever.’ Nate Hansen reflects on his Qualifying run

He’s back for more buzzers this season.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

“Mentally, I was stronger than ever. I had more confidence than I’ve ever had and more belief in my training. I had the right things in the right place at the right time. My performance was very representative of that.”

American Ninja Warrior Nate Hansen can say that again. On night four of the Qualifiers, he completed the course with the fourth-fastest time in another jaw-dropping run.

Nate made his Ninja Warrior debut in season 12. He shared that he has a growth hormone deficiency which inhibited his growth as a child. But that seems to have no bearing on his ability to hit a buzzer. He completed the Qualifying course in season 12. Nate seems to be on the right track for season 13.

“The best part of Qualifying was definitely the new obstacle, Air Surfer,” Nate said after his performance. “It was super duper fun. It kind of threw me for a ride. Gave me a little bit of a curveball. But it was awesome when I dismounted. Super fun. Super unique.

My training is very, very consistent. I keep training as hard as I can. Hard work pays off. Never let loose. Always keep on it. I was super happy that I got to come back after an amazing rookie season last year. I’m ready to carry it on this year and make it all the way to Vegas.”

How’s Nate feeling as he heads into Semifinals with a lot of momentum behind him? It’s pretty simple.

“I feel amazing. Ready to hit a buzzer.”