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Season 13 complete results: Night four of Qualifiers

Double Down did significant damage to the field of competitors.

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Night four of the American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers was full of great moments. We had more finishers than the previous three episodes. Meagan Martin hit the buzzer, the first course completion for women this season. Seven Ninjas decided to go for the Mega Wall (although none completed it.)

But two obstacles did a great deal of damage to the competition. The brand new Double Down, only the second obstacle on the course, knocked out 25 Ninjas. Pretzel Twist, which first debuted in episode three, cleared out 19 Ninjas.

Below, you can find the full results from all of the night’s competitors.

  • Course completions: 13
  • Falls on Shrinking Steps: 4
  • Falls on Double Down: 25
  • Falls on Block Run: 0
  • Falls on Log Runner: 5
  • Falls on Air Surfer: 11
  • Falls on Pretzel Twist: 19
  • Fails at Warped Wall: 0
  • Mega Wall attempts: 6
  • Mega Wall completions: 0
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The names below are organized by obstacle only. They are in no particular order beyond that.

  • Josh Shriber: Shrinking Steps
  • Heather Petty: Shrinking Steps
  • Melissa St. Vil: Shrinking Steps
  • Matthew Guardo: Shrinking Steps
  • Dale Webb: Double Down
  • Jen Stefano: Double Down
  • Daria Beird: Double Down
  • George Antonio: Double Down
  • John Huie: Double Down
  • Daniel Sun: Double Down
  • Jane Greenbaum: Double Down
  • Rob Pannell: Double Down
  • Cheyenne Arrington: Double Down
  • Aubry Marie: Double Down
  • Desmond Odom: Double Down
  • Kevin Liang: Double Down
  • Kyle Voorheis: Double Down
  • Maria Victoria Daral: Double Down
  • Mike Brecko: Double Down
  • Jesse Orenshein: Double Down
  • Adam Kucinski: Double Down
  • Evan McGowan: Double Down
  • Darius Moore: Double Down
  • Angela Gargano: Double Down
  • Sophia Beaulieu: Double Down
  • Caroline Lee: Double Down
  • Elly Hunt: Double Down
  • John Applewhite Jr: Double Down
  • Tommy Wright: Double Down
  • Stewart Mahler: Log Runner
  • Stephen Edwards: Log Runner
  • Verdale Benson: Log Runner (DQ)
  • Zach Eichenstein: Log Runner
  • Guido Distafano: Log Runner
  • Bryan Mendez: Air Surfer
  • Craig Stowell: Air Surfer
  • Guang Chi: Air Surfer
  • Ivan King: Air Surfer
  • Joshua Vigo: Air Surfer
  • Conor Galvin: Air Surfer
  • Troy Helming: Air Surfer
  • Taylor Johnson: Air Surfer
  • Andrew East: Air Surfer
  • Blake Feero: Air Surfer
  • Brandon Richards: Air Surfer
  • Adam Nasser: Pretzel Twist
  • Judas Licciardello: Pretzel Twist
  • Brian Kretsch: Pretzel Twist
  • Logan Kreglow: Pretzel Twist
  • Anthony Eardley: Pretzel Twist
  • Paul Fisher: Pretzel Twist
  • Quinn Nguyen: Pretzel Twist
  • Allyssa Beird: Pretzel Twist
  • Casey Rothschild: Pretzel Twist
  • Luciano Acuna Jr: Pretzel Twist
  • Rachel Degutz: Pretzel Twist
  • Devan Alexander: Pretzel Twist
  • Alex Begolly: Pretzel Twist
  • Addy Herman: Pretzel Twist
  • John Uga: Pretzel Twist
  • Ben Udy: Pretzel Twist
  • Abby Clark: Pretzel Twist
  • Austin Gray: Pretzel Twist
  • Mike Wright: Pretzel Twist
  • Jake Murray: Complete
  • Nate Hansen: Complete
  • Jonah Munoz: Complete
  • Matt Bradley: Complete
  • Sean Bryan: Complete
  • Meagan Martin: Complete
  • Ethan Swanson: Complete
  • Adam Rayl: Complete - Mega Wall attempt
  • Caiden Madzelan: Complete - Mega Wall attempt
  • Tage Herrington: Complete - Mega Wall attempt
  • Luke Dillon: Complete - Mega Wall attempt
  • Jay Lewis: Complete - Mega Wall attempt
  • David Campbell: Complete - Mega Wall attempt