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Night four of Qualifiers: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

For only the second time in the show’s history, five women made the top 30!

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Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Night four of the American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers brought us our first buzzer from a woman and a solid top 30. As in, only 30 Ninjas will advance from this round. For the second time this season (and only the second time in the show’s history), there are five women in the top 30!

The leaderboard also looks more familiar this time with veteran names locking in the top four spots. Still, four of the invited young competitors will advance from this round, further proving that those fresh faces plan on going deep into the season.

You can find a full recap of the episode here.

You can find the full results of all the night’s competitors here.

Note: We use “teen” to mark the invited young competitors. 19-years-old is a teen but of the age to apply to the show.

  1. Jake Murray: Complete - 1:47.20
  2. Sean Bryan: Complete - 1:54.38
  3. Ethan Swanson: Complete - 1:56.63
  4. Nate Hansen: Complete - 2:03.53
  5. Matt Bradley: Complete - 2:19.37 (Rookie)
  6. Caiden Madzelan: Complete (Rookie/Teen) - 2:34.35
  7. Jay Lewis: Complete (Rookie/Teen) - 2:37.53
  8. Jonah Munoz: Complete (Rookie) - 2:46.35
  9. Tage Herrington: Complete - 3:11.82
  10. Adam Rayl: Complete - 3:21.44
  11. David Campbell: Complete - 4:30.12
  12. Luke Dillon: (Rookie) Complete - 4:45.00
  13. Meagan Martin: Complete - 5:56.49
  14. Austin Gray: Pretzel Twist
  15. Devan Alexander: (Rookie/Teen) Pretzel Twist
  16. Addy Herman: Pretzel Twist (Rookie/Teen)
  17. Mike Wright: Pretzel Twist
  18. Chad Flexington: Pretzel Twist
  19. John Uga: Pretzel Twist
  20. Alex Begolly: Pretzel Twist (Rookie)
  21. Logan Kreglow: Pretzel Twist
  22. Abby Clark: Pretzel Twist
  23. Quinn Nguyen: Pretzel Twist (Rookie)
  24. Luciano Acuna Jr: Pretzel Twist
  25. Anthony Eardley: Pretzel Twist
  26. Paul Fisher: Pretzel Twist
  27. Casey Rothschild: Pretzel Twist
  28. Judas Licciardello: Pretzel Twist
  29. Rachel Degutz: Pretzel Twist
  30. Brian Kretsch: Pretzel Twist