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Sneak Peek: Take a look at Meagan Martin’s Qualifying run

The first Women’s Champion is back on the course!

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On Monday, June 28th, the first-ever Women’s Champion returns to the American Ninja Warrior course! Meagan is now an eight-time veteran of the show and she never fails to impress.

Back for season 13, Meagan gives us a look at the course and her approach to the obstacles on the upcoming fourth night of the Qualifiers.

We see Meagan take on a brand new obstacle, Double Down. It looks a little like the Double Dipper, but it requires the Ninjas to ratchet up and slide down two separate tracks. The obstacle makes us a little nervous. It seems like it takes a lot out of Meagan to get to the landing pad.

Free from that, Meagan faces Split-Decision. This time around, it’s the Log Runner or Block Run. Meagan goes with Log Runner and tiptoes her way to safety. Then it’s the precarious Air Surfer. Meagan had us gasping with some of her very close landings, but she makes it through.

The video cuts off there. So we’re left wondering if Meagan has enough left in the tank to clear the fifth obstacle and return to the Warped Wall.

We’ll see the conclusion of this run and many others on Monday, June 28 at 8 pm on NBC!