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There is serious talent behind Owen Dyer’s fun-loving demeanor

He enjoys obstacles, flamingo hats, and hitting buzzers.

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“I thought to myself, ‘It’s about to go down.’ I knew Jesus Christ was on my side. He was going to run the course right next to me. I felt like this was my moment to shine.”

That’s what 16-year-old Owen Dyer said to himself as he started his American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers run. It was a run that would put him in fourth place for the night and assure him a spot in the next round of competition.

Owen, who happily wears a flamingo hat just for fun, had a textbook-worthy run through the course. With quick feet, smart moves, and a smile, there wasn’t much to stress him out. Although, when asked, he did recall a moment that caused a bit of concern for him.

“I would say my least favorite obstacle was probably the Pretzel Twist. It was a brand new obstacle I’ve never seen before. I didn’t know how it was going to perform or how it was going to feel. When I got to it, I got tired a lot quicker than I was expecting. I wasn’t as prepared for it.

Watching his run, he gave no hints that he was feeling any exhaustion at all. Owen considers that cheerful mentality one of his strongest Ninja skills.

“My ability to focus on the task at hand and still have a good time, at the same time. I’ve also been training nonstop every single day for this moment. All around, I feel like I’m a pretty well-rounded athlete for Ninja Warrior. I feel like everything’s evened out.”

He’s not bringing that energy down anytime soon. As the course moves from six obstacles to 10 obstacles, Owen just sees it as a chance for more excitement.

“I’m pumped (for Semifinals). I’m ready to rock and roll. It’s going to be a blast. I’m here. I’m not so much here for the moment. I’m here for the experience. If I go out on the first obstacle, it is what it is. It’s all part of the game. Any Ninja can fall on any obstacle. It’s all part of the fun.”

Owen will return to American Ninja Warrior for the Semifinals in a few weeks.